Marvin and Anne Whiteman - Red Bluff, California

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Red Bluff Views

Some interesting photos and information ...

Downtown on Main Street

A look at Downtown Red Bluff, Main Street

Red Bluff Victorian Homes are proud.

gift shop and tea room

The Catholic Church on Main Street
This proud lady of the faith has smiled upon parishoners for many years.

Red Bluff has many churches. Our church, North Valley Baptist Church, has an active AWANA program for youngsters. Many other churches provide members for the program, and over 200 children attend. Most denominations are represented in Red Bluff.

A shelf in a Red Bluff antique store

This photograph of an antique shop shelf was borrowed from the Red Bluff "Discover Our Town" site. Information on local antique businesses is located there (see link).

Or, for a list of antique stores and addresses, click here.

Where is Red Bluff? It is centrally located between Chico and Redding.

The town has about 15,000 people, and its county, Tehama (pronounced tee-hay-mah), has about 45,000 people.

It has a rich history. The first president of the California Republic had a home here, and the site still stands alongside the Sacramento River. During the year special events are held, and people dress as they did in the 1800s at the Ide Adobe.

Exciting rodeos are held each year. There are two major parades, one at rodeo time and one at Christmas.

In nearby towns Civil War reinactments take place (with the outcome always the same).

Red Bluff has an antique air show at the Red Bluff Airport. For flying buffs, there is a tract of homes with an airstrip.

Ishi, the last of his tribe, was found in Tehama and citizens tried to integrate him into the modern world. His story is very interesting.

Red Bluff is the gateway to Lassen Park, a beautiful unspoiled National Park. The volcano last erupted in 1915. Signs from the eruption are still very much in evidence, with lava tubes and rock in the area.

Information on all of these can be found at the site listed on the Home page, "Discovering Our Town." Or click below:

Discovering Red Bluff in Detail